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Adiós España

I can't believe my year in Spain is coming to an end. I feel as if I've just arrived, and at the same time, as if I've lived in Madrid forever. I try to make everything I do last a little longer to savor and remember each and every detail. As I engage in conversation, I listen a little harder, soaking up the beautiful Spanish accent to which I have grown accustomed. The last day of school is typically filled with emotion, whether it is of great joy being free from homework, or of sorrow, saying goodbye to favorite teachers. But for my Spanish classmates, there is the understanding that everyone will reunite in a few months – that is, except for me. So my farewell is more nostalgic as I walk the hallways for the last time, listen to guitar music during break, swap snacks and plan our final weekend activities. I look back at the main doors as they close behind me, my year in 1º de Bachillerato is over. A transcript sent to my high school is proof of my completed academi

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